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【Thanksgiving×Glamping】Thanksgiving BBQ under the stars―Haga Farm & Glamping

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

"Thanksgiving" is a popular holiday in the United States and a great opportunity to enjoy Autumn glamping in November.

At Haga Farm & Glamping, we will augment our regular dinner BBQ to add some traditional Thanksgiving favorites where you can your friends or family can enjoy a taste of the holiday under the Tochigi stars.


Thanksgiving is a popular holiday in the United States that unites families in order to give thanks for good fortunes, family and friends. It’s also a celebration of the year’s harvest that features a bountiful and traditional feast. It traditionally takes place on the fourth Thursday in November.

What is the origin of Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is said to have originated from the celebration of the Autumn harvest by the people who migrated from Europe to the United States.

Upon arrival to North America, the early settlers had challenges with gathering food in the new land. The settlers learned farming and hunting with the help of Native Americans (Indians) to which they showed their gratitude with an invitation to celebrate the successful harvest together before winter.

This annual tradition continued and it was enacted that this new American holiday celebration would take place on the fourth Thursday in November of each year henceforth.

What is the traditional way to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day is a day for family and friends to get together and enjoy a traditional holiday feast. Food takes precedent on this popular holiday, shared together with loved ones.

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays amongst Americans much like New Year's in Japan. Since everyone spends time with family and friends preparing their feasts at home, most supermarkets, restaurants and shops are closed making this holiday and important day for Americans.

What are some traditional Thanksgiving's classic dishes?

Turkey was on the original menu shared by the colonists and Native Americans on the initial celebration, and to this day continues to be the main dish for Thanksgiving Day.

Other standard menu items include mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing (baked small pieces of bread and vegetables), cranberry sauce, green bean casserole (boiled green beans) and for dessert, pumpkin & pecan pie.

Enjoy Thanksgiving at Haga Farm & Glamping!

Haga Farm will offer a special BBQ over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Period: November 25th (Thursday) -November 27th (Saturday)

Enjoy selections from an American Thanksgiving meal that will offer a sampling “taste of Thanksgiving” in addition to the regular menu.

・Local farm-fresh vegetables

・Meat dishes (roasted chicken, beef sirloin & thigh)

・Mashed potatoes & gravy


・Pumpkin pie

Family Activities

The entire family can enjoy a variety of activities on and around the farm including basketball, badminton, soccer, frisbees, etc. on property. Other activities include championship golf, onsen hot springs, and horseback riding as part of the guest experience. Depending upon the day, you can also enjoy complimentary yoga, stretching, meditation and aroma-therapy sessions scheduled on select weekends in November.

If you're traveling with children, you may wish to introduce them to golf with complimentary Snag Golf lessons. There is also a horse riding stable "Tochinoha Riding Club" (10 minutes by car) where you can experience horse riding. Or try you hand at making traditional Japanese Pottery at "Mashiko Yaki Tsukamoto" (25 minutes by car).

Guests staying at the resort have access to Murasakizuka Onsen.

The natural chloride hot spring pumped from 1,300m underground is soft & therapeutic that enhances beautiful skin. Equipped with all the usual amenities as well as private powder-rooms for the ladies.

Shopping at a Sano Outlet mall!

In the United States, the day after Thanksgiving Day is the busiest shopping day of the year.

For those who want to enjoy shopping for Christmas and New Years, you may wish to make a visit to Sano Premium Outlets (about a 60-minute drive from Haga Farm)

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