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【Halloween x Glamping】Halloween Outdoors | Tochigi - Haga Farm & Glamping

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Halloween has become a popular event in Japan with many people dressing up and decorations can be noticed almost everywhere.

Haga Farm & Glamping welcomes you with decorations that will liven up Halloween.

【目次】 ・What is Halloween?

What is Halloween?

When is Halloween celebrated?

It is said that Halloween originates with the Celts in Europe where it was held as a festival to celebrate the autumn harvest and to ward off evil spirits. Although we currently recognize Halloween Day on October 31st , the Celts celebrated the following day as well because to them, this was the last and first day of the Celtic calendar.

It was believed that evil spirits would come on New Year's Eve along with the spirits of their ancestors. As a result, the practice of disguising oneself as a terrifying figure was originally practiced to ward off the evil spirits.

What do carved pumpkins have to do with Halloween?

The hollowed-out pumpkin is supposed to bear the name of a boy in the Irish story, "Jack-o-Lantern." It is a story of a bad boy Jack, who could not go to heaven or hell and continued to wander with a lantern.

In the original story, a turnip was used but it changed to a pumpkin after being introduced in the United States, and a scary-faced pumpkin lantern at the entrance or window of a house acted as a talisman.

Here in Japan, Halloween is simply an excuse to hold a fun autumn event where introverts and extraverts alike can enjoy dressing up and enjoying themselves.

Enjoy Halloween at Haga Farm & Glamping!

●October 15th (Friday) -October 31st (Sunday), 2021

Halloween at Haga Farm & Glamping

Enjoy “spooky” decorations throughout the farm to put you and your friends in the Halloween spirit. You can also enjoy a refreshing welcome drink “Blood of Dracula” upon your arrival together with a Halloween snack and candy for the kiddies!

The dome-shaped cabin in the forest is like a hideaway where you can enjoy a sense of unity with nature. Enjoy a comfortable stay with a private kitchen, terrace and bathroom. Relax in a hammock or just enjoy the outdoors.

Each cabin is arranged with plenty of space so you can relax without worry away from your neighbors.

Seasonal BBQ!

The seasonal BBQ features autumn flavors such as Nasu Kogen beef sirloin, fresh seafood paella, stuffed mushroom ajillo, and fresh seasonal locally sourced vegetables from the nearby farms, all seasoned and ready for you to prepare on your personal Weber Grill.

The crisp October air attributes to a clear night sky that features a bounty of stars and planets that one can enjoy unhindered by city lights. The starry moon-lit sky is accompanied with sounds of autumn crickets that make a perfect soundtrack to an unique Tochigi night forest experience.

The Colors of Autumn

Take a walk under a forest of oak and redwood trees as they shed their leaves to expose and open up to the clear and crisp autumn sky. Feel free to gather and collect the fallen acorns as well!

A variety of activities that both children and adults can enjoy!

The entire family can enjoy a variety of activities on and around the farm including basketball, badminton, soccer, frisbees, etc. on property.Other activities include championship golf, onsen hot springs, and horseback riding as part of the guest experience.

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