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Golf Club  

  • Designed in 1974 by Bob Wolf/ John Benzel

  • 27- hole, 10,396 yards, par 108)

  • 250 yard covered driving range and all-game practice areas

  •  Clubhouse / restaurant / Bag-keep for members

  • Onsen

  • Restaurant Creek featuring teppan steak corner

  • Hotel with Pool

  • Private Villas with Onsen

New Open!

Golf Academy

Murasakizuka Golf Club will open "Murasakizuka Golf Academy" on April 1, 2022.
The club's golf range has been completely renovated, and a dedicated academy booth has been set up. The Academy will offer a program that allows everyone from beginners to advanced players to steadily improve their game through lessons that combine the driving range and the main course.

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Country Club  

  • Designed in 1991 by Katsumi Takizawa

  • 18-hole 6,670 yard (par 72)

  •  Clubhouse / restaurant / Bag-keep for members

  • Member's salon and relaxation area

Contact Information

Murasakizuka Golf Club / Tsutsujigaoka Country Club

Tel: 028-686-3011 (Japanese)/0284-64-0007(Japanese)

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