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【Celebration Glamping】 Spend That Special Occasion with Nature in Tochigi

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Spend that special occasion with your loved ones in a natural setting whether it be a birthday, anniversary, promotion, or just about any commemorative occasion!

Celebration glamping is recommended for those who want to try something different to create a new memory. Glamping especially appeals to those who want to get away from the crowds, enjoy a premium BBQ, or just relax in a peaceful and quite setting. The outdoor life at Haga Farm offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and our team is more than happy to be able to help you create a new and wonderful memory.

Haga Farm & Glamping is located in a forest & ranch that spans over 350,000 square meters. Our guests can enjoy a forest bath where the sunlight trickles through the trees and where on a clear night you can see countless stars. A true natural setting that refreshes one's mind and body.

Our Glamping Tents Offe Fashionable Comfort in a Camping Environment

Each glamp site offers a hideaway space where you can connect with the natural surroundings. Spaces are equipped with beds that invite a good night's sleep, a private bathing and toilet space with natural light, a terrace living room overlooking the forest and an outdoor kitchen. Celebrate that special occasion relaxing in a hammock on your deck where you can look up at the clear sky or just enjoy the forest breeze.

An Exquisite BBQ to Celebrate That Special Day.

Haga Farm & Glamping BBQ dinner features locally procured ingredients such as Tochigi farm-fresh vegetables, Nasu Kogen wagyu beef, and market fresh seafood. Our culinary team takes great pride to produce seasonal menu variations throughout the year often topping off a great dinner with a warm dessert that can be finished on the Weber grills.

Now that's the way to celebrate a special occasion!

[Celebration Glamping] Plan breakdown.

Celebration glamping can enhance creating a special memory shared with friends or family.

Celebration Cake

Celebration plan includes a 15 cm cake, candles and message plate that you may contact us in advance to personalize.

Horseback Riding Experience or a Round of Championship Golf

Celebration glamping plan also include your choice of a 15 minute horseback riding experience at Tochinoha Equestrian Club or a round of championship golf at Murasakizuka Golf Club.

・Tochinoha Equestrian Club (10 minutes by car)

・Murasakizuka Golf Club (20 minutes by car)

Celebration Glamping Stay.

Haga Farm & Glamping with its Thoroughbred Horse Ranch offers beautiful scenery and memorable time to share with your loved ones.

The following is a typical example of how a guest can enjoy a “Celebration Stay”


It starts with the arrival to the white stone and iron gates of the Haga Farm entrance. The gates automatically open allowing you to drive though into the peaceful setting of the ranch. Our staff will meet you at the parking lot to shuttle you up to the glamping area on a road that passes directly adjacent to the 900 meter horserace training track. Our guests can feel the sense of openness upon arriving at the glamping area clubhouse.

Later as the sun sets into the mountains to the west, this is the ideal time to enjoy relaxing on your deck or in your hammock with an evening cocktail to watch as the sky turns to pastel colors making way for the evening stars.

Dinner BBQ

Dinner BBQ begins at the outdoor kitchen provided at each site.All dishes are pre-prepared and seasoned by our culinary team ready for you to show off your BBQ skills on the Weber grill.Soft kitchen lighting enhances the overall atmosphere of the evening making it special whether it be with your family, group of friends, or romantic partner.

Evening Time

After enjoying dinner, you can take a leisurely walk around the property to enjoy the night sky untouched by city lights. If the moon is out, free to use the night telescope located at the clubhouse to clearly view formations on the lunar surface.

Morning Walk

Morning time offers a different kind of peacefulness in the forest. The air is clear and pure and you're surrounded by quiet silence save for the sounds of nature or thumps of the running horses as they train at sunrise. An early morning walk around the property can energize your mind and body for the rest of the day.

Breakfast at Your Galamp Site.

From the outdoor terrace, ther's a good chance you'll be able to watch the thoroughbreds running. The sound of hoofs echoing in the quiet forest makes for a great start of the day. For breakfast, enjoy a healthy offering with some hot coffee or tea whilst taking in the peaceful surroundings.

Horseback Riding Experience or Golf Play

As part of your celebration experience, you have an option of either trying a horseback riding experience or play a round of golf at our championship golf club, Murasakizuka. Just another way to enjoy the Tochigi outdoors.

Horseback riding experience is suitable for beginners and advanced riders alike and the staff at Tochinoha Equestrian Club can even assist with kids. Golf at Murasakizuka G.C. can be enjoyed by the avid golfer as well as novices making their golf course debut. Snag Golf, can also be arranged which offers professional instruction of golf basics to young kids.

Advance reservations recommended but may also be made upon check in based on availability.

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