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Ladies Night Out
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Autumn Events

Enjoy Autumn Leaves & Moonlit Nights at Haga Farm & Glamping

Haga Farm & Glamping is a place where you can enjoy the autumn leaves and harvest moon in a forest setting on a thoroughbred racehorse ranch.  Take part in activites such as outdoor yoga & stretching, meditation and aroma-therapy together with our famous dinner BBQ featuring the flavors of the autumn harvest have been arranged for you to refresh your mind and body in a peaceful and natural setting.


Step on the fallen leaves.

Take a walk under a forest of oak and redwood trees as they shed their leaves to expose and open up to the clear and crisp autumn sky.  Feel free to gather and collect the fallen acorns as well!


Enjoy a beautiful moonlit night

The crisp autumn air attributes to a clear night sky that features a bounty of stars and planets that one can enjoy unhindered by city lights.  The starry moon-lit sky is accompanied with sounds of autumn crickets that make a perfect soundtrack to an unique Tochigi night forest experience.


The seasonal BBQ features autumn flavors such as Nasu Kogen beef sirloin, fresh seafood paella, stuffed mushroom ajillo, and fresh seasonal locally sourced vegetables from the nearby farms, all seasoned and ready for you to prepare on your personal Weber Grill.


Flavors of Autumn


The entire family can enjoy a variety of activities on and around the farm including basketball, badminton, soccer, frisbees, etc. on property.  Other activities include championship golf, onsen hot springs, and horseback riding as part of the guest experience.  Depending upon the day, you can also enjoy complimentary yoga, stretching, meditation and aroma-therapy sessions scheduled on select weekends in November.


Relax in nature


Autumn Glamping



Halloween is synonymous with the autumn season and Haga Farm guests can enjoy

Decorations that will liven up the mood of the season. Welcome drinks and special sweets are also available upon check in until October 31st (Sunday).

October 15th (Friday) -October 31 th(Sun)



 Special BBQ.

Thanksgiving is a popular holiday in the United States that unites families in order to give thanks for good fortunes, family and friends.  It’s also a celebration of the year’s harvest that features a bountiful and traditional feast.  Haga Farm guests can experience a sampling of some of the traditional items offered at an American Thanksgiving meal together with a regular BBQ over this holiday weekend period.

November 25th (Thursday) -November 27th (Saturday)

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A whole cake is included to celebrate your special day.

Celebrate your next occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, work promotion, or any special event, for an unique experiencing in the Tochigi outdoors playing golf, horseback riding, or experiencing both!


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Ladies Night Out

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Ladies Night Out

An elegant glamping experience to enliven your girls' trip.

Get out of town with just the ladies where you can enjoy a private space with your own glamping tent, kitchen and bathroom.  Let your "ladies only" conversations roll or just enjoy a good movie with your own private outdoor theater system.


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Reset your body and mind in the forest.

Recharge your batteries with a wholistic wellness retreat in the Tochigi forest. 
Visit on selected dates in November to join Brazilian Yogi, Luiz Olimpio as he leads you in yoga, stretching, meditation, and aroma-therapy sessions on select weekends in autumn. 



"Haga Farm & Glamping" Snap Collection

We will introduce the facility as a collection of autumn snapshots.

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Go through the elegant entrance to another world!

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Seasonal decorations welcome you at the clubhouse

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And astronomical telescopes for moon gazing and stargazing!

Herbarium sessions!

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Stay in a comfortable, temperature controlled tents.

Private bathrooms with natural light

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Thoroughbred watching

Seasonal fruit

Attractions around Haga Farm

There are many places to stop for leisure activities in the area.

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Murasakizuka Onsen
(inside Murasakizuka Golf Club / 25 minutes by car)

Guests staying at the resort can have access to Murasakizuka Onsen.
The natural chloride hot spring that spring pumped from 1,300m underground is soft & therapeutic that enhances beautiful skin.  Equipped with all the usual amenities as well as private powder-rooms for the ladies.

Sano Premium Outlets
(Sano City / 60 minutes by car)

For shopping lovers, Sano Premium Outlets is about an hour drive from Haga Farm with over 180 outlet stores.

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"Mashiko Yaki Tsukamoto" Japanese Pottery
(Haga-gun / 25 minutes by car)

Create your own pottery piece at in the famous nearby pottery town of Mashiko at Tsukamoto Pottery. The family established it’s kiln in a place called Matsuda-Fukada more than 150 years ago. The shop can assist you make your own item will be baked in a Mashiko kiln and sent to you as a keepsake memory of your visit to Tochigi.

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​Countermeasures against COVID19 infection
Haga Farm & Glamping Initiatives

Haga Farm & Glamping provides you with a luxury private space equipped with personal toilet and bath.   There is adequate space between glamp-sites to ensure your privacy and comfort making for a relaxing atmosphere.

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1.We will work on staff wearing masks and diligent hand washing. 

All staff are required to wear masks and practice diligent hand washing protocol.  All glamp sites and public spaces are disinfected regularly throughout the day.

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2.We thoroughly manage the health of our staff.

As part of measures to ensure the safety of our guests and associates, all guests and staff are required to have their temperature taken upon arrival to the farm as well as limiting close face-to-face contact whenever possible. 

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3.We provide regular ventilation within the facility.

Regular ventilation is practiced throughout the facility via the opening and closing of doors and windows for all internal spaces. 

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4.We regularly disinfect and clean equipment and fixtures.

All surfaces, equipment and fixtures are disinfected on a regular basis.

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5.We are working to reduce the opportunities for people to come into contact with each other.

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6.We also ask our customers to cough etiquette and wash their hands.

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7.We are actively informing our customers of our group efforts.

The following measures are taken to limit opportunities for people to come into contact with each other.  * We encourage social distancing for all guests and staff.  A clear partition is used at the Front Desk.

We encourage all guests to practice proper cough and hand-washing etiquette.  Guests are asked to wear a mask whenever entering any public venue as well as to have their temperature taken and use hand sanitizer upon arrival to the farm.  

Proactive measures to reduce the risk of virus infection at Haga Farm & Glamping may be reviewed by visiting our website. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
​Haga Farm & Glamping
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