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Spring glamping

Cherry blossoms shine their best in the surrounding green of the forest


Haga Farm & Glamping

Spring has come!

Spring has arrived at "Haga Farm & Glamping" , boasting 350,000 square meters of natural setting at a thoroughbred race-horse ranch in the Kunugi Forest, where you can enjoy the fresh greenery and flower blossoms of the season,

Why not refresh you mind and body spending a leisurely time enjoying cherry blossoms and fresh greenery over the Spring break holiday.



How to enjoy "Haga Farm & Glamping"

Spring Glamping

The love of cherry blossoms and fresh greenery.

There is a large cherry tree on the farm that blossoms around March 20th surrounded by forest greenery making it a perfect spot for sakura viewing.  It's also a great opportunity to enjoy Cherry-blossom viewing away from the crowds of the city in a leisurely setting.


Our glamping sites are arranged with plenty of space allowing for a relaxing nap or just enjoying a cup of tea without the worries of the city crowd.

Relax in the warmth of the Spring sun.


Our dinner BBQ features ingredients such as fresh vegetables from the local farmers, quality beef, chicken, and fresh seafood where you can hone your barbequing skills on a Weber grill at your glamp-site, enhancing the mood of the evening in Spring.

A luxurious BBQ to enhance the Spring nights.


Take a refreshing morning walk in a forest setting.

In the morning when the forest awakens, the dramatic colors shine even more. If you listen, you can hear the chirping of birds and the rustling of the leaves. If you take a deep breath, you can smell the fresh vegetation. Experience a morning walk that resets your mind and body.


Enjoy breakfast at your glamp-site dining room.

Watch the thoroughbred race-horses being trained in the morning from your glamp-site, an experience that will charge your day ahead away from your everyday life.

​Countermeasures against COVID19 infection
Haga Farm & Glamping Initiatives
アートボード 33.jpg

1.We will work on staff wearing masks and diligent hand washing. 

All staff are required to wear masks and practice diligent hand washing protocol.  All glamp sites and public spaces are disinfected regularly throughout the day.

アートボード 34.jpg

2.We thoroughly manage the health of our staff.

As part of measures to ensure the safety of our guests and associates, all guests and staff are required to have their temperature taken upon arrival to the farm as well as limiting close face-to-face contact whenever possible. 

アートボード 35.jpg

3.We provide regular ventilation within the facility.

Regular ventilation is practiced throughout the facility via the opening and closing of doors and windows for all internal spaces. 

アートボード 36.jpg

4.We regularly disinfect and clean equipment and fixtures.

All surfaces, equipment and fixtures are disinfected on a regular basis.

アートボード 37.jpg

5.We are working to reduce the opportunities for people to come into contact with each other.

The following measures are taken to limit opportunities for people to come into contact with each other.  * We encourage social distancing for all guests and staff.  A clear partition is used at the Front Desk.

アートボード 38.jpg

6.We also ask our customers to cough etiquette and wash their hands.

We encourage all guests to practice proper cough and hand-washing etiquette.  Guests are asked to wear a mask whenever entering any public venue as well as to have their temperature taken and use hand sanitizer upon arrival to the farm.  

アートボード 39.jpg

7.We are actively informing our customers of our group efforts.

Proactive measures to reduce the risk of virus infection at Haga Farm & Glamping may be reviewed by visiting our website. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
​Haga Farm & Glamping

Haga Farm & Glamping provides you with a luxury private space equipped with personal toilet and bath.   There is adequate space between glamp-sites to ensure your privacy and comfort making for a relaxing atmosphere.

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